Boeing 777 Plane Crashes at SFO Airport

BREAKING NEWS: A plane has crashed on the runway at San Francisco International Airport. Sources say that the plane was  an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 and the crash occurred just before noon on Saturday. Flight 214 was arriving from Seoul Korea and had 291 people on board. No official word on Casualties, but several passengers that were on the flight used Twitter to let everyone know that they were OK.

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Plane Crashes at SFO San Francisco International Airport


1. The Accident Occurred When the Plane’s Tail Ripped Off

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This is the route we believe was being made by the flight.

The plane was an Asiana Boeing 777 coming from Seoul. It crashed as it came in for landing when the plane’s tail seemed to completely come off, reports KTVU. The plane is believed to have flipped upside down on the runway.

Anthony Castorani, who witnessed the crash in its entirety told CNN:

You heard a pop and you immediately saw a large, brief fireball that came from underneath the aircraft, It began to cartwheel.

The incident has been confirmed as a crash by Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Lynn Lunsford, who was speaking to the Associated Press.


2. There Have Been No Fatalities


Passengers being brought down slides indicates there are survivors. According to a passenger, who was on the plane, “Most everyone seems fine. I’m ok. Surreal.” One person has been listed as critical condition and been airlifted from the scene. Most of the injured are suffering with burns. Amazingly nobody became trapped in the wreckage.


3. The Horror Was Watched by People Waiting to Board Flights

People waiting to board planes at San Francisco International have spoken of their horror at watching the plane come down.


4. San Francisco International Airport Has Been Shut Down Indefinitely



The FAA has confirmed that all flights to and from San Francisco International are canceled. Major delays are expected all across the west coast due to the crash.



5. A Massive Fire and Rescue Operation is Underway


The smoke from the crash is being seen from miles around.