Burning Man Location Infested with Swarms of Bugs (that bite)

Burning Man is just a few weeks away and the Black Rock Desert seems to have an unwanted surprise that could cause some major issues during the week long festival. Apparently, there are bugs everywhere and they bite. According to the Burning Man Festival’s Official Blog:

“They’re everywhere. They bite. They crawl all over you. They get up and in you” Gross.

Bug at Burning Man 2015

Rumors began recently on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but it has now been confirmed that the bugs are real. Although there are many theories as to why this is happening, no one really seems to know what is actually going on. Could this be a planned entomological attack put together by some Burning Man Haters? The Coordinators of the festival have come up with a couple of theories.

“One possibility is that recent rain has caused the bugs who normally lie dormant to wake up and join the party. Another theory is that the bugs “hitchhiked” to the festival site on a load of wood and then multiplied.”

Most importantly, there hasn’t been a plan announced to get rid of them before the festival start on 8/30.

With most of the festival-goers wearing barely any clothes (or nothing at all) and sleeping in tents open to air, it seems like this issue will have a huge impact on the event.

Burning Man Bugs 2015


Burning Man 2015