Daft Punk Performs at Coachella 2013 (well kind of…)

Coachella Festival Goers were treated to a special surprise today when a video featuring their new album shown. This only makes us even more curious whether or not they will pop up during Phoenix’s headlining set similar to their performance at Madison Square Gardens in 2010.

An video “ad” for Daft Punk’s highly anticipated new album, Random Access Memories, was aired at the Polo Grounds tonight right before TNGHT’s set. The video featured Pharrell Williams, The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas and Animal Collective’s Panda Bear.

It was also announced that Daft Punk will debut their new single this coming Monday, April 15th.

Daft Punk’s new album Random Access Memories will arrive on May 21st through Columbia Records imprint Daft Life Limited.

Grab your copy (pre-order) here.

Check out the video here:




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daft punk 2013 tour