Daft Punk's New Single "Get Lucky" is Finally Released

After what seems like decades, Daft Punk has finally made the next step in a full length album and Tour. “Get Lucky” has been hinted with little snippets at Coachella, on Saturday Night Live and in a few other strategic places, but now we finally have the full length song, which was released a little after midnight. So what do we think? It is exactly what we need since the dubstep/EDM craze started creating Djs rather than DJs creating themselves. Obviously, we don’t mean to knock any of these Djs we speak of because we would have done the same thing if we were approached by a label. It’s quite a different story from uber talented turntablists like Z-Trip, Craze and others, however. It all comes down to bu$ine$$. Daft Punk has taken the time (it’s been a full 8 years since they released an album) to make sure that they created something unique. Like actually playing instruments…

One of the best quotes we have heard about the meticulous nature of the Daft Punk creative process came from the May 2012 Interview with Giorgio Moroder about working with Daft Punk on their new album

“Thomas wanted me to talk about my life, and I said ‘And what are you going to do with it?’, and he [Bangalter] said ‘Oh you just talk and we are going to snip it in the stuff’. So I came to Paris in the studio and he had three microphones to record me, they were different microphones, and I said ‘Why do you have three? Is not one enough?’ and then he said ‘This one in here -a very old microphone of the ’60-, if you talk about your life around the ’60, this is how the microphone is going to sound. Then, if your going to talk about the ’70, you have the second microphone’. And then I asked the sound engineer, ‘Is anybody ever, be able to distinguish the different sounds?’, he said ‘No’, then I replied ‘Then why?’ which he responded ‘Well, he knows the differences.'”[7]

Most of the reviews have been favorable, but there are always some naysayers around to complain when things change. According to the LA Times:

“The now public list of Daft Punk’s album collaborators — Rodgers, Pharrell Williams (who sings on the track), house producer Todd Edwards, Animal Collective‘s Panda Bear, “Rainbow Connection” songwriter Paul Williams and a whole flock of ’70s and ’80s session ninjas — is formidable, and was perhaps cause for some fears of musical outsourcing. But “Get Lucky,” which sort of debuted in pieces in a few well-placed TV and Web advertisements, shows just how deftly the French duo put all those pieces together.”

So, at long last, here is the beginning of Daft Punk’s domination of 2013 and beyond. We’ll see you at Coachella next year 😉

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