Tickets will be available at McTeague’s Saloon from 2PM to 4:30PM. Say Password “Rosebud” to get a special discount!

Pub Crawl Details:

CHECK-IN: The Pub Crawl check-in will be at Mcteague’s Saloon (1237 Polk St between Bush and Sutter). You can check in anytime between 2PM and 4:30PM. Please bring a copy of your order confirmation (you can also show us on your phone) and we will give you your Wristband and Pub Crawl Map.

CRAWLSF VIPs: CrawlSF and Eye Heart SF VIP Card Holders will be on the list +1. Just go to the VIP line and show your ID to check in.



McTeague’s: $2 Beers, $3 Cocktails/Shots TBD

R Bar: $2 Beers, $3 Jack& Coke, $3 Rum Punch Shots

Vertigo: $2 Beers, $3 Cocktails/Shots TBD

Bitters, Bock & Rye: $2 Beers, $3 Absolute Mandarin Press, $3 Lemon Drop Shots

Lush Lounge: $2 Beers, $3 Vodka&Soda, $3 Assorted Infused Shots

Blur: $2 Beers, $3 Blurry press, $3 Absolut Acai Berry, $3 Rum Punch Shot


How does this work?

Once you check in and receive your wristband and Pub Crawl Map, you can choose your own path. There will be too many people to be on a specific schedule (like 30 minutes per bar), so you can just follow the crowd at your own pace. Specials will be available at ALL the bars from 2PM to 6PM.

Other Stuff:

We will have a couple photographers at the Crawl and some other fun stuff. Feel free to wear a weird costume or do anything to make things even crazier for you.

See you on Saturday!



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