Great Gift Ideas! Wine of the Month, Cigar of the Month and more!



Beer of the Month Club

Beer of the Mouth Club
The Great American Beer Club is one of America’s longest-running monthly beer clubs. Since 1994 it’s been our pleasure to share the
finest, freshest brews in the land with tens of thousands of people just like you—folks who can appreciate the best that America’s
small breweries have to offer.A gift membership in our microbrewed beer of the month club makes the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for special person on your list,
or a great way to treat yourself! Either way, we’re committed to helping you enjoy it to the fullest.Join the Beer of the Month Club!Just $34.95/month includes

Wine of the Month Club

Wine of the Mouth ClubThe Wine of the Month Club invites you to discover the exquisite pleasures of the world’s finest handcrafted
wines. Once a month, our Global Wine Club sommeliers present the finest offerings from small wineries around the
globe—rare, hard-to-find selections notable for their quality and unique localflavors.Exploring the joys of these off-the-beaten-path vineyards is an exciting pastime in itself. That’s just one of the many elements that
make the Wine of the Month Club from Clubs of America such an amazing gift choice for anyone who enjoys fine wine.Join The Wine of the Month Club!Just $42.95/month – includes

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Cigar of the Month Club
Cigar of the Mouth Club
For those who enjoy the timeless pleasure of a truly fine cigar, the Worldwide Cigar Club from Clubs of America
presents the ultimate tobacco experience.Rare tobacco blends from every corner of the world, expertly hand-rolled and preserved for optimum freshness, give our cigar club
members the opportunity to savor world-class cigars at their leisure. A Cigar of the Month Club gift membership offers a traditional
way to celebrate major events with fellow enthusiasts.Join the Cigar of the Month Club!Just $30.95/month – includes
Flower of the Month Club
Flower of the Mouth ClubIf you or someone you know is captivated by the beauty and fragrance of fresh cut flowers, the Flower of the Month
Club from Clubs of America is for you.Imagine a stunning themed bouquet arriving on your doorstep each month — fresh as the morning sun, bursting with vibrant blooms and
filling your home or office with its incredible fragrant medley. A gift such as this would more than brighten a special someone’s day!Join the Flower of the Month Club!Just $44.95/month – includes

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Fruit of the Month Club

Fruit of the Mouth ClubImagine snacking on fresh-from-the-grove cherries, exotic mangos, pineapples and more. A membership in Fruit
Gift of the Month Club is an awesome way to share the harvest with friends, coworkers or anyone who enjoys life’s
sweetest pleasures!For Fruit Gift of the Month Club members, fresh fruit is more than a health kick. It’s the thrill of enjoying earth’s bounty at the very peak of flavor. Fresh from orchards and fields in every part of the world, the handpicked fruit we send to your doorstep is exactly what nature intended. Ripened to perfection and bursting with sweet, juicy goodness, fruit club membership is the perfect gift for any health-conscious person on your gift list.Join The Fruit Gift of the Month Club!Just $35.95/month – includes
Coffee of the Month Club
Coffee of the Mouth ClubThere is no better way to start the day than with a steaming cup of gourmet coffee from the Coffee of the Month
Club. Our richly flavored, eye-opening fresh blends are hand-selected from exotic locales around the globe,
custom-roasted and delivered to your door each month. All for little more than you’d pay for premium domestic
brands!The distinctive character and flavor of each Coffee of the Month Club selection makes this the ultimate gift for any coffee lover. And
we send 24 ounces of premium coffee each month. That’s 50% more than most other coffee clubs. So you can enjoy it to the fullest every
day, and still share a pot when friends drop over.Join The Coffee of the Month Club!Just $26.95/month – includes

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Chocolate of the Month Club
Chocolate of the Mouth ClubSinful. Decadent. Completely and totally irresistible. Every month, the Chocolate of the Month Club from Clubs of America delights
your senses with luscious, handmade temptations that are impossible torefuse.Dreamy truffles, silky-rich turtles, chilly mints, melts and more. Unlike candies sold by other chocolate clubs, our hand-dipped
confections are among the finest and freshest in the world. They’re made to order with all-natural ingredients by experienced
chocolatiers. Then they’re shipped directly to your door. A gift membership to our Chocolate of the Month Club is a virtual guarantee
that sweet smiles will soon be coming your way.Join the Chocolate of the Month Club!Just $32.95/month – includes
Pizza of the Month Club
Pizza of the Mouth ClubWhen the troops clamor for pizza, nothing satisfies their hunger like a delicious specialty pie from The Pizza
of the Month Club. From the moment you pop it into the oven and the baking begins, everybody knows: this is going to
be one incredible pizza!Chances are you’ve never had pizzas like these before. Each is an authentic gourmet pizza, handmade for you by a noted Chicago pizza
chef with a creative soul. Every pie is a masterpiece, made with all-natural fresh toppings and premium ingredients. Whether you serve
your pizza of the month for dinner or to quiet a hungry crowd, it’s always a special occasion.Join the Pizza of the Month Club!Just $59.95/month – includes