Halloween Haunt is Back at Great America

Get your thrills and your chills on at Halloween Haunt at Northern California’s premier theme park, California’s Great America. When the sun goes down, the ghoulies come out, roaming amidst the hulking skeletons of roller coasters. Monsters and other unsavory creatures hide in the shadows of mazes and scare zones, waiting to pounce. Zombies defy gravity with their mind-blowing aerial and trampoline skills in stage shows like Nytewalkers and moan and groan as they search for their meal in the hallowed halls of Zombie High. Once a place where dreams were made is now a place where nightmares come true, as the maniacal factory workers are manufacturing a variety of disturbing new items in Toy Factory. And that’s not all that will make you scream; park rides like the incredible suspended jet coaster Flight Deck, and Gold Striker — the tallest, fastest wooden roller coaster in the Northwest — will find you gripping the handrail in fear… and having the time of your life.


$30 ($40 value) for Tickets


San Francisco Halloween Haunt at Great America