Shooting at Denver Movie Theater during midnight show of Dark Knight Rises leaves at least 14 Dead

From the Los Angeles Times:

Fourteen people are dead and 50 others wounded after a gunman in a suburb outside Denver opened fire during a midnight showing of the Batman movie the “Dark Knight Rises,” the police chief said at a press conference.

The suspect is in custody, Aurora police chief Daniel J. Oates told reporters. “This is a horrific event,” Aurora police chief Daniel J. Oates said during a press conference carried live by local TV stations.

Oates said 10 people were found dead in the theater, and four died at local hospitals.

Denver’s NBC affiliate, 9News, reported that the gunman entered the movie theater minutes after the movie began, released a canister, and witnesses heard a hissing sound and saw smoke. The suspect now in custody was found outside the theater holding a rifle and a handgun.

9News reported that the suspect indicated to police that his apartment building might have explosives, and authorities are evacuating that structure and searching for possible explosives.

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