A Healthy San Francisco Guide for 2013

Still keeping up with those New Year’s Resolutions? “Getting healthy” is probably the most popular of all resolutions and also, unfortunately, one that usually tends to fizzle out by this time of year. Don’t miss out on your chance to achieve your goals this year! In general, your new healthy lifestyle should be sustainable for a long period of time and should be something that you actually enjoy! Here are a few simple tips that will help keep you on track for 2013.


Best San Francisco Gyms

Best San Francisco Gyms

Work Out!

Working out is an extremely broad category, but staying active and keeping up with a program is the easiest way to get in the shape you want, increase your energy levels and feel amazing. It is important that you choose something that you will stick with for at least a few weeks until it starts to become a habit in your daily/weekly routine. Don’t try to take on too much if that will cause you to quit everything all together. It is better to start out slow and keep with it than try to do too much and lose steam.

There are many different levels of fitness and experience, but most people will benefit from simply joining a gym that is easy to go to (close to work, close to home, etc.) and taking a few personal training classes to get you started. Gyms like 24 Hour Fitness, Crunch Fitness and Equinox are good options because they have multiple locations in San Francisco.

Another good option is to join a Boot Camp, TRX Studio or Boxing Class that has a consistent schedule. The Polk Street Gym has a great class called the Boxing Boot Camp, which is a 6AM class every weekday for 4 weeks. The class runs about $500, but if you want to check out the gym on your own time, you can grab a deal HERE that will get you 10 classes for only $49. Some other great options (and deals) include:

-Krav Maga

-I Luv My Body Fitness

-REACTT Boot Camp

-Start Fitness


Or you could try Yoga…


Best San Francisco Yoga

San Francisco Yoga

Yoga for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Yoga is a great mental and physical workout and definitely a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. If you haven’t tried Yoga before, it’s always good to go with a friend, however most of the Yoga studios have an extremely friendly staff who are very willing to help out anyone who is new. Since there are Yoga Studios all over San Francisco, it should be easy to find one that is close to you. Check out these studios below that have some great beginner package deals:

Funky Door Yoga (Nob Hill)

Funky Door Yoga (Haight)

Bikram Yoga in the Mission (Mission)

Pad Studios (Marina)

Asta Yoga (Mission Dolores)

Sivananda Yoga (Ashbury Heights)

Do you have to travel a lot for your job or just feel like trying out Yoga on your own time? If so, then try out some online Yoga classes at Yoga Today or Yoga Download.

Most Yoga Studios have mats that you can use or rent, but if you want to grab some of your own gear there are lots of stores that you can go to. Some of the prices can be a bit high at stores like Lululemon, so sometimes it is best to see what kind of discounts are available online whether you want to grab a Yogitoes Skidless Premium Mat Size Yoga Towel, a YogaAccessories Extra ThickYoga Mat or even some reasonably priced yoga pants.

Here are some great online stores to grab some quality merchandise at good prices:

Yoga Accessories

Yoga Direct

Barefoot Yoga

Electric Yoga





Best Healthy Food San FRancisco

Eat Healthy

In addition to physical activity, eating the right food your your body type and fitness goals is extremely important. A few things to keep in mind:

-Drink plenty of water

-Eat Slowly and stop when you start to feel full

-Eat smaller meals throughout the day

-eat the appropriate amount of calories for your body type (check out this simple calculator here)

-Take supplements if you are trying to achieve certain goals

Since sometimes we can get so busy that we find it difficult to eat healthy, there are actually a few great services that can deliver healthy meals to your house. www.Diettogo.com and The Kind Bite are great options that deliver healthy meals that taste great!

Juice Cleanses are another great option to clear out your system and get you started in the right direction. Many local businesses offer Juice Cleanses such as Juicey Lucy’s, The Plant or The Juice Shop. You can also order online through OnJuice or Speedloss.



San Francisco Nutritional Supplements





While not everyone needs to take a huge regimen of supplements (or possibly any), simple things like a multivitamin can really help to keep you healthy and happy. Make sure to do research based on your fitness goals to make sure that you are making the correct choices. There are lots of random websites around promoting all kinds of miracle pills or even just reporting incorrect or bad information, so make sure you are reading reputable sites. You can also try going into GNC or other Vitamin and Health stores and ask the people working there or even ask one of the trainers at your gym if you would rather talk to someone in person.

Once you decide what you need, you can easily order online through GNC or Vitamin World or The Vitamin Shoppe Online Stores.

All in all, the best advice is to start with something manageable and slowly create your healthy lifestyle one step at a time!