BFD's Secret Act Announced

After much anticipation, the secret act at Live 105’s BFD Music Festival 2013 is…STONE TEMPLE PILOTS. Replacing Scott Weiland on Lead Vocals is Chester Bennington from Linkin Park.

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From Live 105:

The secret act playing BFD 2013 is … Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington on vocals!

They played tonight in LA but they are rocking Shoreline on Sunday!

If seeing is believing, the audience at Weenie Roast 2013 definitely left as believers in the power of music. The unbelievable magic of the night was doubly-amplified after all the amazing sets earlier when sonic swamis of alt-stadium rock, Stone Temple Pilots, brought Chester Bennington from Linkin Park out as a featured vocalist.

Constant controversy has surrounded Stone Temple Pilots’ ex-frontman Scott Weiland–complete with conflicting reports on his status with the band.

That’s why when Stone Temple Pilots appeared onstage, the audience’s hands gripped curiously onto their seats and eyes watched the stage with disbelief as Bennington joined the band tonight.

Check out their Latest Video Here:

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