Cardio-Tone San Francisco: $95 ($180 value) for 10 Classes

From TRX to cycling to outdoor yoga, the Soma outpost of this beloved boutique studio has something for every fitness fanatic.


$95 ($180 value) for 10 Classes

includes 10 group classes; choice of Super Sweat Sesh Extreme, Metabolic Blast, Power Yoga, Cycling, TRX, Spin/TRX or Yoga


-At the Soma outpost of Cardio-Tone, you can choose from seven types of classes to get your fitness fix.
-Soma offers al fresco yoga sessions—which means you can get some fresh air as you work up a sweat.
-Or, take your workout inside with cycling classes or TRX, which uses body-weight movements and interval training to torch calories and leave you drenched.
-For the best of both worlds, try a circuit-style fusion class, which combines cycling with TRX for an intense cardio and strength-training workout.
-Metabolic Blast is an intense circuit-style workout designed to torch calories long after you’ve finished exercising. You can also opt for Super Sweat Sesh Extreme, which features burpees, TRX work, crawling, jumping, heavy bags and more.

About Cardio-Tone:

Since its first location opened in 2010, Cardio-Tone has become a destination for fitness junkies throughout the Bay Area. Offering everything from barre and circuit training to indoor cycling, yoga and TRX, each of these studios has a different lineup of challenging sweat sessions. At the original Noe Valley outpost, cycling, TRX and fusion classes provide the perfect balance between cardio conditioning and strength training. For toning barre, sultry burlesque and energetic dance, students can head to Soma. And for circuit training and yoga, there’s the 24th Street studio.

Owner Rachel Aram teaches at her three studios almost every day of the week, and closely vets instructors to ensure that they’re energetic, motivational and down-to-earth. “I only hire instructors who want to learn your name, your injuries and will celebrate your improvements,” Aram says. This supportive atmosphere—and attention to individual successes—is what sets Cardio-Tone apart from other boutique fitness studios. Says Aram, “Achieving a healthier body makes you live longer and enjoy each day more. That’s what we do, and we do it together.”
— Rebekah Stallworth, Gilt City Editor