Pop Physique: $89 ($240 value) for 10 Classes

Sculpt a lean dancer’s body with these high-energy classes, which feature a unique combination of barre exercises, Pilates and light weight work.


$89 ($240 value) for 10 Classes


-During each 60-minute Pop Physique workout, instructors help students improve their posture, flexibility and core strength through a specialized fitness regimen.
-The combination of barre exercises, Pilates and light weight work is designed to help clients achieve a toned physique, while upbeat music keeps classes energetic and fun.
-Each class can burn over 500 calories, increase your metabolic rate and help you shed pounds.

About Pop Physique

A former professional ballerina and Pilates instructor, Jennifer Williams has combined her two areas of expertise to create a unique workout regimen called Pop Physique. Jennifer opened her first location in Silver Lake in 2008. Since then, she has branched out across the state and the country, bringing her signature mix of ballet, Pilates and weight work to satisfied clients at 19 locations.

Pop Physique classes are designed to help students achieve a dancer’s body: lean and limber with a strong core and a tall posture. Set to an adrenaline-pumping soundtrack, these workouts are a fun (and effective) way to slim down and tone up.