Santacon San Francisco Event Details, Times, etc.

Santacon San Francisco will take place on Saturday, December 8. While there is no set time for the event, the toy drop-off to benefit Toys for Tots will take place at 12 noon in Union Square. Santa Tom will be there to collect donations of new, unwrapped toys that can be donated to the Toys for Tots program. See the Original Facebook group for details.

This SantaCon event is Free to attend. For ages: 21+

Because, unfortunately, there is no central coordination this year, SantaCon(s) will start at various nearby locations. We recommend starting at Mayes (1233 Polk Street) if you want join the crowd. Lower Polk Street has an awesome selection of bars including Mayes, Mcteagues, Blur, Jackalope, Vertigo, Route 101, Rusted Mule, R Bar, Lush Lounge, Pour House, Playland and more who will be welcoming all Santas!

Note 1: All genuine SantaCon gatherings in the city have identified themselves as no cover/free to attend. Please don’t get scammed by profiteers trying to sell you tickets. There is NO registration fee or any registration requirement to attend SantaCon. If anyone is charging you a fee, it’s fraudulent.

Note 2: Santa has become aware of journalists and publications with a vendetta against SantaCon. They will be looking to produce bad stories about you. Please be nice, make Santa proud, and make the city of San Francisco love you.

-Make new friends and if you see lonely Santas who want to hang out with other Santas, invite them to join your group.

-Watch out for fellow Santas. If you see a Santa getting wasted or being taken advantage of by someone, look out out for them and help them stay safe.

-Be nice to bartenders and bar staff. It’s usually a crazy time and the bar staff is trying to serve everyone. Be patient. Don’t be “that” jerk. Tip well.

-If you or your friends have had too much to drink, pace yourself. Maybe it’s time to call it a day and go home. No one likes messy Santa around.

-Carry enough cash for drinks. Most bars will be “CASH ONLY” for SantaCon.