The New Prohibition: California Bans Foie Gras

Unless something changes, Foie Gras will technically be illegal in California starting on July 1. The impending Foie-Mageddon that is approaching has created quite a stir among Bay area chefs who plan to fight the ban with a series of appeals. Unlike the slightly humorous ban on Big Gulps in New York, the reasoning for this ban stems from the process that is used to “create” more Foie Gras in ducks. Basically, the ducks are force fed to enlarge their livers, which can definitely be considered inhumane. On the bright side, chefs can still use Foie Gras as long as the ducks are allowed to grow naturally.

You still have a month to get your last taste of Foie Gras as it is right now. Click on the link below for some great restaurants to try before it’s all gone:

Foie Gras before its gone