17 Crazy Christmas Items you won't believe

The holidays always bring about some random weirdness and oddee.com has pulled together a list of some of the wackiest:

17 Wackiest Christmas Items

Are you looking for a fun way to add a little instant cheer to your home or office? You need the inflatable Mistletoe ($9.45). This Quick and easydecoration includes a hang tab and string. (Buy it Here | Via)
Christmas is right around the corner. Are you looking for the perfect ornament to adorn your beautiful tree? You need the incredibly classyRubber Chicken Ornament ($7.45). It’s true; nothing says Christmas like a rubber chicken wearing a Santa suit! (Buy it Here)
Enjoy all the pleasures the season has to offer with the Christmas Condom Assortment.
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Santa’s sitting atop the chimney ($14.97) and he’s not playing around this year. Press his foot and he’ll let loose with one of 5 phrases, like “Congratulations, you’re at the top of my list…Wrong list, sucker! Ha!”
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The World has finally received the Funniest (*or most embarrassing)Christmas Hat ever! This towering pinnacle of tinsel, lights, and decorationslooks massive and absolutely eye-popping at any event.
Are you looking for a quick way to give your Christmas tree some life? You need the Giant Christmas Tree Googly Eyes! ($6.95)
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Ingenious or just sad? For just $9.59, you can get a complete Christmas dinner in a “HotCan” which heats itself. (Link | Via)
The Fart. This super plush, ultra soft, Santa Bootie ($29.95) is your new, favorite Pillow! You can snuggle up to him by the fireplace, or leave him on display for your annual holiday bash. When you press the button on his foot, hear loud, gassy sounds followed by a Santa wisecrack. You’ll love when he shouts, “Smells like Christmas!,” and, “Oh Rudolph, what did you eat?!”(Buy it Here)
Instant Emergency Santa in a can! ($11.95)
(Buy it Here)
Funny bread cookie cutters ($11.18) with a bite taken out of them!
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Glass Pickle Christmas Tree Ornaments ($16.95) (Buy it Here)
Santa Claus makes everything so much more festive and joyous, even when he’s pouring liquor for you! Enjoy this funny Santa alcohol dispenser.

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Cheer up your festive glasses with these cheeky Santa hat glass decorations.
A Christmas ornament that looks like Cthulhu ($7.45) wearing a Santa’s hat.(Buy it Here)
Funny Tree topper shaped like Yoda ($59.95)
(Buy it Here)
Christmas ornament shaped like a strip of bacon ($5.95) (Buy it Here)
Christmas ornamen that looks like a classic disguise ($7.45)
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