Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) Rumors – iOS 6, iphone 5, New Macbooks, iCloud and a Steve Jobs Hologram?

As the WWDC is just about to get into full swing, there is a lot of buzz as there always is surrounding any Apple event where a potentially new, disruptive product may be released. The general consensus is that we won’t see any major new products and it would be a shock to everyone if the much anticipated iPhone 5 is even mentioned. The main focus of the event will likely be iOS 6 as there has already been a banner posted in the Moscone Center main hall. There is also a very mysterious banner that is covered and will most likely be unveiled after the keynotes.

WWDC ios 6 iphone 5 steve jobs apple

What will be announced behind the banner at the WWDC conference?

Here are the rumored announcements:

iOS 6: New apps including a new map app to replace Google Maps, a facelift and further iCloud integration

Macbook: Possibly a new Macbook Pro by the end of 2012 (just in time for Christmas). Expect a much faster processor and a sleek design that looks more like the Macbook Air

Retina Display: Already standard in the new ipad, we expect to see the crystal clear display integrated in many other products, possibly starting with the new Macbook Pro

Facebook integration: Tim cook has already hinted towards a partnership with Facebook, but we haven’t gotten much detail. We could see at least a teaser about the upcoming features…

Siri 2.0: A new, upgraded Siri with possible iPad integration may also be on the agenda

OS X Mountain Lion: Expect to see some new OS X features revealed…

Apple OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion coming this Summer!


More information about the Worldwide Developers Conference:


Steve Jobs Hologram WWDC

Steve Jobs Hologram?